1. Komineks top 10 photo books of 2012 in no particular order:

     ”Noray” Juan Valbuena, selfpublished/phree

    "Heaven" Paul Kooiker, Van Zoetendaal Publishers

    "touch" Peter Dekens,, The Eriskay Connection

    "Rien" André Cepeda, Pierre von Kleist

    "USSR 1991" Keizo Kitajima, Little Big Man books

    "Cette Montagne Cest Moi" Witho Worms, FW books

    "Down these MEAN Streets" will Steacy, b frank books

    "Found photos in Detroit" Arianna Arcara & Luca Santese, Cesuralab

    "Deutschland" Gerry Johansson, Mack books

    "The Americans List", Jason Eskenazi, selfpublished/redhook

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